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Arak University Uses Wind Turine for Electricity Supply
Arak University Uses Wind Turine for Electricity Supply
About Mechanical Engineering at AU
The Department of Mechanical Engineering provides a quality education to students, preparing them to make substantial contributions to the fields of engineering and science. To achieve this purpose, the departmentís faculty is committed to creating a stimulating intellectual environment that encourages all students to achieve their full potential. The department offers both an Undergraduate Program and a Graduate Program.
Our faculty members are actively engaged in our research and teaching programs. The departmentís various research groups meet regularly to share their progress and problem-solve on individual projects, many of which include undergraduates.
These research initiatives push the envelope of core disciplines such as fluid mechanics, kinematics and dynamics, mechanics and materials, heat transfer, biomechanics, and computational engineering. Cutting-edge applications are pursued in robotics and human-machine interaction, micro- and nano-scale engineered devices and materials, energy and the environment, and biology and medicine.
Mechanical Engineering is a dynamically evolving discipline, especially here at Arak University. The fundamental aspects of a Mechanical Engineering education, including hands-on experience designing and building solutions to challenging problems, remain unchanged. But the areas of application - and hence career opportunities - are diverse and ever-expanding. Whether youíre preparing for professional careers or advanced studies, youíll gain academic depth, interdisciplinary insight, applied experience, and access to our diverse local, regional, and national network. We offer a range of outstanding degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
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Department of Mechanical Engineering