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Research Interests

1991- Get Diploma in Economics and Humanities- Entry to Tehran University as a history student (Bachelor).
1995- Start studying in MA as a history student - Tehran University.
1999- PhD candidate- Shahid Beheshty University.
2006- Getting a PhD degree in history.
I've been at university about twenty-three years for studying or teaching. Teaching and research besides the social and political activities have been my main interests. I have provided a list of my activities in the past twenty three years but it is so long. It is the end of this text in Persian. This CV is configured in three sections.
I worked for two years at the Center for Strategic Studies of Presidential (2001-2002) During the presidency of Iran's reformist president, Mohammad Khatami. I had tasks writing Policy Paper in the field of Iran. Our Writing sent to senior officials of government. Some of my writings title is such:
- Corruption and its repercussions.
- The functional approach to the dual sovereignty at Islamic Republic of Iran.
- The political development and its national and international importance.
- The strategic considerations about marginalization of intellectuals.
- Impasse of reforms or deadlock of Democratic Islam?

Grants and Contracts Awarded
Publications & Presentations
- Morality and Freedom:Yas No , Sunday, Persian date Khordad 11, 1382(2003), No. 72, pp. 3.
- Democracy; a step forward: Iqbal , Thursday, Persian date Khordad 21, 1384(2005), No. 91, pp. 6.
-Explaining the democratic power: Iqbal newspaper, Monday, Persian date Khordad 2, 1384, the first year, No. 82, pp. 16.
- End of the age of heroes: Yas No, Saturday, Persian date Tir 14, 1382, No. 99, Page 16.
-Academia, government and Society: sharq newspaper, Thursday, 2 Tir 1384, No 507, p 6.
- Critic of public culture; look at the Constitutional Movement: sharq newspaper, Thursday, Persian date Mordad 15 1383(2004), No. 257, pp. 4.
-The approach and Method of Abu Rayhan-Bironi in Historiography: The Case of Al-Athar ul-baqyah, Journal of Historical Studies of Islam, Second year, Number 5 Summer 2010,pp53-75.
- Reconsieration of the interaction between clergymen and Safavids (In historical and travel-book), Journal of Iran History, Number 4 Autumn 2010, pp 27-47
- Mosque and politic in the saljuqe era(emphatically on its preaching function), Journal of Historical Studies of Islam, Second year, Number 6 Autumn 2010,pp29-51.
- Historical approach to the evolution of the Caliphate concept at the during of triple Caliphs- Accept and is in press-Quarterly Reasech Journal of Islamic History.
- Lecture and Papers presented at The First Congress of Iranian Historians, Iran, Hamadan, Bu Ali Sina Univesity, 4-6 september 2012.
-Lecture and Papers presented at Third Specializd Conference on the History of the Consultative Assembly, Majlis Iran, Tehran, Mashroteh(Constitution) Building, 15 May 2012,
- Lecture and Papers presented at: 1st International Ottoman World: Foundational Coexistences Conference Turkey, karabuk university,24-27 September 2012.
- Lecture and Papers presented at Imam mousa sadr Conference, Iran, Tehran, shahid beheshty University, April 2004.
- Participate in international workshop Press freedom and legal protection Organizer CFD (Communication for Development) in the Netherlands, Turkey, Istanbul 23-30 April 2006 .

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