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Prof. Ghasem Eisaabadi
Assistant Prof. of Casting and Solidification
Email: G-eisabadi[at]
Arak University believes in internationalization and also investing great resources and efforts to enhance it's role in the strategic policies.
The development of a course catalogue in the English language, the support to international mobility, the opening of a Department focused on internationalization and attraction of foreign students, PhDs and researchers, the participation to joint projects and research programs: all this elements contributed in creating a truly international and multicultural university.

On the other hand the international network created upon relationships and agreements with high level universities provides the students of Arak University the chance to carry out education periods abroad that will prove valuable in terms of future career opportunities.

Concerning students' attraction the new challenge of the Arak University for the future will focus on entrance examination directly organized in the strategic areas of interest (East Asia, Latina America and Mediterranean area countries); the best applicants will be awarded with a considerable financial support. In this framework joint programs with international partners and multidisciplinary PhD courses still hold their importance.

AU signs MOU with KITECH
AU signs MOU with KITECH
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