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Areas of Expertise
Membrane Separation Technology
Transport Phenomena in Membranes
Energy and Environment
Research Interests
Polymeric membranes
Gas separation
CFD/CFX/Comsol simulation
Ph.D., Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) (IRAN), Chemical Engineering (2015)
M.Sc., Arak University (IRAN), Chemical Engineering (2009)
B.Sc., Arak University (IRAN), Chemical Engineering (2005)
Grants and Contracts Awarded
Publications & Presentations
2016- New advances in polymeric membranes for CO2 separation, A Ebadi Amooghin, H Sanaeepur, M Zamani Pedram, M Omidkhah, A Kargari, in: A. Méndez-Vilas, A. Solano-Mart?n (Eds.), Polymer science: research advances, practical applications and educational aspects, pp. 354-368, Formatex Research Center, Badajoz, Spain
2016- CFD study of CO2 separation in an HFMC: Under non-wetted and partially-wetted conditions, A Azari, MA Abbasi, H Sanaeepur, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 49, 81-93
2016- Preparation and characterization of Ag+ ion-exchanged zeolite-Matrimid®5218 mixed matrix membrane for CO2/CH4 separation, A Ebadi Amooghin, M Omidkhah, H Sanaeepur, A Kargari, Journal of Energy Chemistry 25, 450-462
2016- A novel Co2+ exchanged zeolite Y/cellulose acetate mixed matrix membrane for CO2/N2 separation, H Sanaeepur, A Kargari, B Nasernejad, A Ebadi Amooghin, M Omidkhah, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 60, 403-413
2016- Preparation of ethylene vinyl acetate/zeolite 4A mixed matrix membrane for CO2/N2 separation, I Khalilinejad, A Kargari, H Sanaeepur, Iranian Journal of Polymer Science and Technology, In Press
2016- A kinetic model for invertase-induced sucrose hydrolysis: considering the initial time lag, A Keramat, A Kargari, M Sohrabi, H Mirshekar, H Sanaeepur, Chemical Engineering & Technology, In Press

Hamidreza Sanaeepur
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Contact Information
Phone: +98(86)32625422

Fax: +98(86)32625423
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering