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Areas of Expertise
Corrosion Mechanism and Protection Methods of  Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys
Electrodeposition of Nanocomposite Coating Such as Ni-Al2O3, Ni-CeO2.
Deposition of CeO2, TiO2, SiO2 Coating by Sol-Gel Methods.
Deposition of Self-Healing Coating
Deposition of DLC Coating
Research Interests
High corrosion resistant coating, High wear resistant and super hard coating
Self-healing coating, Smart coating, Nanostructure and Nanocomposite coating
Ph.D., Tarbiat Modares University (IRAN), Materials Science- Corrosion Engineering (2011)
M.Sc., Tarbiat Modares University (IRAN), Materials Science- Corrosion Engineering (2007)
B.Sc., University of Science and Technology of Iran (IRAN), Materials Science and Technology (2004)
Grants and Contracts Awarded
Patents and Patents Applications
Super Hard DLC coating on Steel Patent No. 81827, Iran
Synthesis of Self-healing CeO2-chitosan nanocomposite coating on aluminum alloy, Patent No. 84838, Iran
Synthesis of environmental friendly cerium oxide conversion coating on aluminum alloys by Sol-Gel Patent No. 52928, Iran
Synthesis of environmental friendly cerium oxide conversion coating on aluminum alloys by dip immersion Patent No. 52926, Iran
Publications & Presentations
1-Correlating the Layer Properties of Ni-alumina Composite Coatings and the Mechanism of Codeposition TL Amir Sadeghi, Maximilian Sieber, Hosein Hasannejad, Ingolf Scharf International Journal of Chemistry 8 (2), 110-122, 2016
3-Synthesis and Evaluation of Self-healing Cerium-Doped Chitosan Nanocomposite Coatings on AA5083-H321 H Hassannejad, A Nouri International Journal of Electrochemical Science 11, 2106 - 2118, 2016
4-Study the effect of cerium ions and cerium oxide nanoparticles on corrosion and self-healing behavior of chitosan-based coatings on AA5083-H321 H Hassannejad, F Molavi Journal of Corrosion Sciences and Engineering 5, 37-47, 2015
5-Investigation of mechanical and wear properties of Ni-Cerium oxide nanocomposite coatings H Hassannejad, F Molavi Journal of Science and Surface engineering 23, 77-78, 2015
6-One-step Electrodeposition of Graphene-Chitosan Biocompatible Nanocomposite Coating onto Stainless Steel H Hassannejad, A Nouri Nanomaterials 7 (23), 205, 2015
7-Effect of temperature on pitting corrosion resistance of 316 stainless steel coated by cerium oxide film in 3.5% NaCl solution H Hasannejad, T Shahrabi, A Sabour Rouhaghdam, M Aliofkhazraei Journal of materials science & technology 24 (5), 715, 2008
8-Investigation of heat-treatment and pre-treatment on microstructure and electrochemical properties of cerium nano-oxide films on AA7020-T6 by sol-gel methods H Hasannejad, T Shahrabi, AS Rouhaghdam, M Aliofkhazraei, ... Applied Surface Science 254 (18), 5683-5690, 2008
9-Study of sol-gel process for preparing cerium nano-oxide films on AA7020-T6 Al alloy H Hassannejad, T Shahrabi, M Aliofkhazraei Surface Engineering, 2013
10-Electrodeposition of Ni/ceria composites: an in situ visible reflectance investigation H Hassannejad, C Mele, T Shahrabi, B Bozzini Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 16 (11), 3429-3441, 2012
11-Economical deposition of Ni high cerium oxide nanocomposite coatings H Hasannejad, T Shahrabi Surface Engineering 28 (6), 418-423, 2012
12-EIS study of nano crystalline Ni-cerium oxide coating electrodeposition mechanism H Hasannejad, T Shahrabi, M Jafarian, AS Rouhaghdam
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 509 (5), 1924-1930, 2011
13-Effect of current density on DC electrochemical phosphating of stainless steel 316 AA Oskuie, A Afshar, H Hasannejad Surface and Coatings Technology 205 (7), 2302-2306, 2010
14-Effect of heat treatment on corrosion properties of sol-gel titania-ceria nanocomposite coating A Ghasemi, T Shahrabi, AA Oskuie, H Hasannejad, S Sanjabi Journal of Alloys and Compounds 504 (1), 237-242, 2010
15-Effect of cerium doping on corrosion resistance of amorphous silica-titanium sol-gel coating H Hassannejad, T Shahrabi, F Malekmohammadi, A Shanaghi, ... Current Applied Physics 10 (4), 1022-1028, 2010
16-Effect of electrolyte temperature on the nano-carbonitride layer fabricated by surface nanocrystallization and plasma treatment on a ?-TiAl alloy
M Aliofkhazraei, AS Rouhaghdam, H Hassannejad Rare Metals 28 (5), 454-459, 2009
17-Nanostructural and electrochemical characteristics of cerium oxide thin films deposited on AA5083-H321 aluminum alloy substrates by dip immersion and sol-gel methods
H Hasannejad, M Aliofkhazraei, A Shanaghi, T Shahrabi, AR Sabour Thin Solid Films 517 (17), 4792-4799, 2009
18-Effects of acetic acid on microstructure and electrochemical properties of nano cerium oxide films coated on AA7020-T6 aluminum alloy H Hasannejad, T Shahrabi, M Aliofkhazraei Rare Metals 28 (1), 98-101, 2009
19-Electrodeposition of DLC films on carbon steel from acetic acid solutions H Hassannejad, F Bogani, M Boniardi, A Casaroli, C Mele, B Bozzini Transactions of the IMF 92 (4), 183-188, 2014
20 Synthesis and properties of high corrosion resistant Ni-cerium oxide nano
?composite coating H Hasannejad, T Shahrabi, M Jafarian Materials and Corrosion 64 (12), 1104-1113, 2013

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