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For over 50 years, AU has been one of the most prestigious universities both at a national and international level for education, research and technology.
It was founded as Marjan Teacher Training University in 1972, and then it became Arak University in 1989.
Being located in the Markazi province has turned AU into one of the most prestigious Iranian universities with more than 10,000 students and teaching body of 500 professors.
AU is a Research University, which takes part in top-qualified domestic and international scientific research.
AU is alos has established a very close partnership with the large idustries such Machin Sazi, Arak, Azarab, HEPCO, Alumrol, IRALCO, Shazand Petrochemical Complex and Imam Khomeini Refinery of the Shazand, that are located in Arak city.
Arak University is dedicated to global engagement and looks for the ways to protect living enviroment. to do that, we use solar panels and wind turbines for electricity supply and also we are dedicated to the water resourses management in our university.
Sardasht Campus
Sardasht Campus
Arak University
Dedicated to global engagement